What's Google up to?
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Rank Your Website On Mobile

The Core Web Vitals - the new ranking factor!

This latest announcement emphasises that Google are on a journey to reduce their digital carbon footprint... and yours. This will help provide a better experience to website users along with establishing effective strategies to improve SEO.

Fast, Peak Performance websites is what it will take to make your site sustainable, user-friendly and visible in the search rankings - significantly for mobile devices.

What is this new metric the Core Web Vitals?

The Core Web Vitals update is a change Google is making to its ranking algorithm that focuses on user experience. It takes into account a measurement of how long it takes a web page to load from the moment a visitor attempts to access it to when the last piece of content has loaded.

Why are they so important?

Known as the Core Web Vitals update, it is to improve user-experience as well as help reduce your digital carbon footprint.

Websites that provide a positive user-experience with increasing page speed and clean short code will rank higher than those who do not provide a great user-experience.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 Core Web Vitals: