According to a recent article from Google, there is now new information for how organic (google) searching is being taken to the next level with Google's AI focus - thank you to consumer search behaviour.

Through the numerous search terms and keywords, more and more businesses will be finding growth through organic keyword searches (free visibility on search engines and not paid for) with Google now narrowing the gap between insights, action, and impact.

The good news is that every marketer has an opportunity to become more agile, allowing their brands to reap new benefits at every stage of their customer journey.

What is Marketing Agility?

Marketing agility starts by getting a full and clear picture of your data (the starting point for quickly deriving insights), to help you decide on the right actions to delivery results. Acting on evolving needs of the customer will allow for their preferences and their trends to be seen more clearly. This level of understanding allows for all business marketing agility when adapting and delivering to new needs and changes in behaviour, whether planned or unforeseen.

New milestones, better answers to complex tasks

Soon you’ll be able to use Google Lens to fix your immediate problem. When you point your mobile camera and ask, “how do I fix this?”, Google will be able to identify the problem and offer solutions.

The Impact on Business

We will see how to change other parts of our business for the better. The way we model our business, the way we launch new products, or how we create a new service that can be modelled around the needs of our customers more quickly and seamlessly.

Almost every business is now expected to match the delivery and customer support options offered by the most well-established brands.

Agility is structure and how we engage with our customers. Learn quickly to meet the new demands. Data and insights are increasingly used for guiding strategic decisions, identifying budgets and how we use them, helping business to make predictions. This is the future how to find growth for your organisation!

What's Google up to?
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The Agility of Google Search